Rose Haearn

Rose Haearn is the eldest daughter of Teras and Flora Haearn. The Haearn family can trace the roots of its’ family tree back to approximately 238 SE, when the first of their family, Efydd Haearn, became apprenticed here as a blacksmith. As a whole the family has subsisted as blacksmiths for six previous generations, making Rose and her siblings the seventh generation of Haearns in Arda.

Rose herself is 18 years old. She has spent many years working in the family shop as a salesgirl, making her quite adept at social cues and talking to people. As a store keeper she values cleanliness, of the store and her own person. She is noted for being ‘silver-tongued’ and adept at persuasion. She is on the small side, coming in at a height of 5’-3", but has no lack of confidence because of it. She has light blonde hair and a fair complexion (much like her mother), but has the tell-tale Haearn Grey eyes that appear steely and strong. As a child she was known to haunt the streets with other children and had a knack for getting into locked places. She is charming and dislikes owing favors (often seeking to pay them off immediately as to avoid being in someone’s debt). She is sometimes referred to as “The Blushing Flame.”

The Family

The family was headed by Efydd Haearn and Irona Vask. As time continued, the leadership of the family fell to the first-born child and was signified by a flawed ruby keepsake with varied forms passed from the passing head of family to the next. Rose is the first female to have been given the ruby in the Haearn family. Though succession is passed along with the ruby, until Teras passes on or she marries, Rose doesn’t exist as the true head of family. Teras still makes all important decisions for the family until Rose is ready.

The current family includes: Teras (Father), Flora (Mother), Tina (second daughter/ second child), Hobe (First Son/ third child), Raud (second son/ fourth child), and Rose (current family head/ first daughter/ eldest child).

Within neighboring families it is suspected that the family (at the very least the head of the family) is haunted; they attribute strange noises, things moving on their own, and strangely chilled breezes to this entity. However, no one can imagine what would cause a haunting upon them as they are all (as a whole) quite amiable and well-natured.

The Smith

The Haearns own a shop and are an established blacksmith family. Since Efydd, the family has been blacksmiths in Arda. The heads of family are noted as having access to fire magic, which lights their forge. It is said this particular fire burns hotter than most and can make superbly crafted weapons and armor. As such, the Haearns aren’t without popularity for their goods.

Rose is noted for casting flames of a light pink variety that aptly reflect her name. The fire has no noted special differences beyond its’ peculiar coloration, but is quite a sight to see and has earned her a bit of fanfare when she works the forge.

The Ruby

The ruby is passed from one head of family to the next. It is transferred along with a ceremony that only the line of succession is privy to. The ruby has changed in appearance over the years with each new family head. It has been a ring, a brooch, a pendant, a bracelet, and other such items.

Rose (the current head) wears the ruby as a lone earring in her left ear.

Citizen’s Watch

Rose, upon receiving the ruby, left home and joined the Citizens Watch. She makes use of the cot in the Old Barracks they grant her and the monthly stipend for her work.

Rose Haearn

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