Old Barracks

The Old Barracks are exactly what the name implies. Originally an Ufirian army barracks built on one of the few hills west of the river, the building became the home of the Istvany army after the War of Grim Honor. It later became the headquarters for the Citizens Watch when new facilities for the army were completed. In order to help offset the costs of maintaining the building, it has actually been converted into three separate sections.

One section serves as the headquarters for the Citizens Watch. It has a small kitchen, a large meeting room, a few practice dummies, and several beaten up cots that are available to members of the Watch.

Another section has been converted into a small inn called the Tiny Moose. The barmaid offers a small discount to members of the Citizens Watch and in exchange is never short of bouncers when things get out of hand.

The final section is used as storage by some civic entity or another. No one really knows who rents that section and local youths often break in seeking adventure and mystery only to be disappointed by crates full of broom handles and cobblestones.

Old Barracks

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